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Ocean Park Recognises Extraordinary Achievements of Students and Parents Partners with the Committee on Home-School Co-operation and HKU Department of Social Work and Social Administration to launch “Best Endeavour” and “I’m with You” Award Schemes


Always committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, Ocean Park joins hands with the Committee on Home-School Co-operation (CHSC) and the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, University of Hong Kong (HKU) to launch the “Best Endeavour” and “I’m with You” Award Schemes. The former aims to encourage students to develop their diverse talents and recognise students with significant improvement in all areas of endeavours, not limited to academic performance, in the 2014/15 school year; while the latter offers accolades to parents who have achieved remarkably in nurturing their children or supporting schools in bettering the education of students. Nominations from all full-time local primary and secondary schools are now being accepted for both awards. Ocean Park will give out a total of 24,000 admission tickets to awardees of the “Best Endeavour” Award Scheme and 40 SmartFun Annual Passes to devoted parents, offering award winners a fun and educational park experience.

Schools can nominate two students from each grade for the “Best Endeavour” Award Scheme. Each “Best Endeavour” Award Scheme awardee will receive a certificate of recognition and two Day Time tickets to Ocean Park. Each school can also nominate one to three parents of their students for participation in the “I’m with You” Award Scheme. A panel of representatives from the three organisers will select a total of 10 parent awardees, who will be awarded a winner certificate and four SmartFun Annual Passes so they can enjoy family fun time at Ocean Park. The schools that nominated the 10 selected parents will also be awarded 20 Day Time tickets to Ocean Park.

“Through the ‘Best Endeavour’ Award Scheme, we aim to inspire students to overcome challenges by fulfilling their potential to the fullest, develop self-confidence, embrace the right values and get along well with their teachers and peers,” explained Mr. Henry Tong Sau-chai, Chairman of the CHSC. “Moreover, through recognising exceptional parents, we hope to show our support and gratitude to parents, as well as encourage them to work more closely with schools to give their kids a more caring education experience.”

 “We are delighted to organise this meaningful project in partnership with the CHSC and the HKU. Students who show significant improvement in sports, arts and conduct, regardless of their academic performance, deserve recognition. Parents who have been a constant source of support and care deserve our admiration and applause too. Being Hong Kong people’s park, we have always been committed to enhancing the education of our younger generation. We are pleased to treat winning students and parents to a fun day at Ocean Park to connect with nature,” said Leo Kung, Chairman of Ocean Park.

Professor Paul Yip from the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, HKU, said, “The aim shared by the three co-organisers of the awards is to encourage students to adopt a positive outlook in life and a proactive attitude, which will greatly benefit their comprehensive development beyond academic areas. Apart from the students’ own efforts and the education provided by schools, the nurturing of parents also deserves tremendous credit. Through the ‘I’m with You’ Award Scheme, we hope to show our appreciation to these parents quietly contributing behind the scene.”

A number of local schools have enthusiastically supported the two awards. Ms. Ng from The ELCHK Wo Che Lutheran School said the case of her student Chan Tsz-chun offered a perfect illustration. When Tsz-chun was in Primary 4, he lost in a speech competition due to inadequate practice. Set on achieving a breakthrough the following year, he worked intensively under the guidance of his teacher and eventually won the champion in a solo verse speaking competition by performing a work titled “Challenge”.

Secondary 6 student Lo Sin-hang from Ling Liang Church M H Lau Secondary School has achieved vast improvements. Inspired by sports and his teachers’ unfailing support, Sin-hang transformed himself into an excellent dragon-boat racer. After joining the dragon-boat racing team, Sin-hang came to recognise his shortcomings and determined to show significant and comprehensive improvements so that he could qualify for joining a competition in Russia. Driven by his teachers’ encouragement and the full support of his parents, Sin-hang was selected as a member of the Hong Kong Youth Dragon-boat Racing Team, becoming the pride of his teachers and parents.

Sze Hiu-yi from the Concordia Lutheran School (North Point) is another student who has significant improvement on grades and conduct. During the early years of her secondary education, Hiu-yi was a prankster. She was repeatedly rejected when applying for a school transfer. The experience forced Hiu-yi to reflect on herself. With support from her family and teachers, she became more disciplined. Her conduct and academic performance improved greatly, eventually becoming the top student in her form. Her story was an inspiration to her peers and made her a model student in the eyes of both teachers and students.

The “Best Endeavour” and “I’m with You” Award Schemes are now open for nominations. CHSC will send out letters of invitation to local schools today. The deadline for submitting nominations is 30th April. For more details, please visit www.chsc.hk.