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Ocean Park Recruits More New Blood for Largest-ever Halloween Bash Offers Path to Rewarding Career for Terrifying Talents Up to $25K a Month in Salary Plus 20% Performance Bonus


(29 June 2011 – Hong Kong)  Ocean Park is offering significant performance bonus and advancement prospects to attract scary good talents for its Halloween Bash 2011, the largest Halloween party in all of Asia. Eight days of auditions will be held from 1 to 17 July* to fill this year’s team of 550 ghastly souls and backstage positions for the largest-ever Halloween Bash. The total number of openings exceeds that of last year’s by nearly 24%. Depending on the position, hired ghosts will earn between HK$45 and HK$120 an hour for up to HK$25,000 a month and boundless job satisfaction, plus as much as 20% in bonus for outstanding performance. Exceptional performers will also be considered for vacancies in permanent positions at the Park or future Halloween Bash activities. Anyone confident in his/her ability to scare others, playact or dazzle with unique talents is encouraged to apply and become a member of this year’s ghost nation. Candidates must be aged 16 or over.

Eva Au Yeung, Senior Events and Entertainment Manager of Ocean Park, said, “Since Ocean Park introduced Halloween Bash eleven years ago, the number of ghost candidates have set a new high every year. Nearly 200 people applied in one day last year. To retain talents, we reach out to outstanding performers from previous years and even offer them permanent positions at the Park if suitable vacancies are available. Halloween Bash staff will receive as much as an additional 20% in bonus based on outstanding performance and perfect attendance. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to showcase their talents in performing.”

Wong Man-chun, who played different ghosts in many editions of Halloween Bash and has since been promoted to become a performer coach, is eager to share the fun of working in Halloween Bash with others. He said, “Having worked in every Halloween Bash since 2003, I have personally witnessed how the event had grown from year to year and was amazed by the way hot topics and new technologies were incorporated into each year’s presentation. As the largest Halloween celebration in Asia, Halloween Bash not only helped me fulfill my desire to perform and interact with guests from all over the world, it now offers me the opportunity to draw on my creativity to teach a new generation of performers how to shine in their roles and bring fright and fun to tens of thousands of guests.”

Lady Gwai Gwai, who achieved overnight stardom in last year’s Halloween Bash, also shares her success, “Halloween Bash has always been a ‘Halloween’s Got Talent’ show, giving birth to ghost idols and hot topics every year. Over the last 10 years, thousands of ghosts strive for the best show by undergoing serious training on physical conditions, performing skills, make-up, timing and impromptu response. I danced with other ghosts and hundreds of pedestrians on the streets of Causeway Bay; I broke many 4-inch pumps when shooting music videos; I heard cheers from numerous local and overseas guests of the Park—all are highlights of my career. I look forward to having many talents join our team of ghastly souls to experience the satisfaction and fun of working in Halloween Bash.”

A judging panel comprised of Halloween Bash directors will evaluate talents on the scariness of their movements, expressions and voices. Candidates might also be asked to perform an impromptu reading from a script. Their final score will be based on their performance, special talents and relevant experience. Candidates are encouraged to unleash their creativity and talents, and engage with the judges to stir up the atmosphere while maintaining control over their emotions. Successful candidates will undergo about three weeks of training on performance, make-up, how to treat guests and handle contingencies. After rehearsals in September, they will officially begin their ghoulish tenure, which will last for a period of over a month.

* Auditions for Halloween Bash 2011 will be held on 1-3, 7-10 & 17 July at Eaton Hotel Hong Kong (performers only), Dance Studio 6 of HKAPA (dancers only), Hong Kong East Job Centre of Labour Department (backstage positions only) and Seahorse Conference Room of Ocean Park (performers & backstage positions only). Details are available at www.halloweenbash.com.hk.