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Ocean Park’s Fantasy Garden Themed on Recycling and Biodiversity Wins Design Excellence (Landscape Display) Grand Award at Hong Kong Flower Show


For the Hong Kong Flower Show 2018, Ocean Park has created a fantasy garden display incorporating themes of animal conservation and recycling. The display also makes prominent use of this year's theme flower, the elegant dahlia, while the Park's mascots Whiskers & Friends will be hosts to a colourful garden party experience that will entertain visitors.

Recognising the hard work, craftsmanship and creativity put into its creation and design by all involved, particularly Ocean Park's amazing landscaping team, the display has been awarded with the prestigious Design Excellence (Landscape Display) Grand Award by the flower show judges.
Timothy Ng, Executive Director, Operations and Entertainment, Ocean Park, said, "At this year's Hong Kong Flower Show we have teamed up with our lovable Park mascots Whiskers & Friends. Our talented landscaping team has also gone the extra mile to create a wonderful fantasy garden display with a colourful garden party theme that not only raises awareness of the Park's important animal conservation work, but also encourages green living by turning everyday objects into floral art."
Celebrating the show's theme flower, the garden makes full use of the dahlia, from the vibrant floral sea surrounding it, to the four-metre tall Whiskers topiary that greets visitors at its centre. The garden also gives subtle tips on green living by inspiring guests to recycle through displays that have turned everyday items like an old bicycle, a swing and old tyres into fantastic works of floral art. Besides, stored solar energy is used to light up the installation, and demonstrates to the public how it can be used as a sustainable power source.
For those intrigued by what Ocean Park's animals eat, visitors will be able to stop by the garden's Animal Pantry to see a display of some of the many plant species used to feed animals at the Park, such as the Chinese Privet (Ligustrum sinense) and Wavy Leaf Privet (Ligustrum quihoui). They can also take a photo with incredible marine animal topiaries situated around the garden to celebrate biodiversity, and share their picture with others to help raise awareness of the Park's proud Saving Animals From Extinction (SAFE) programme which looks to protect 10 regional animal species from extinction.
Ocean Park's fantasy garden display at the Hong Kong Flower Show 2018 can be viewed from 16-25 March at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay.