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Ocean Park “Sweetheart CNY Holidays” Celebration Float Wishes the People of Hong Kong an Eco-friendly and Romantic New Year!


(Hong Kong - 27 January 2010) In celebration of the Year of the Tiger, Ocean Park will be showcasing our “Ocean Park Sweetheart CNY Holidays” float at the Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade hosted by the Hong Kong Tourism Board on 14 February 2010.  Come see the eco-friendly yet adorable Ocean Park float to celebrate the romantic New Year!

To show our continual support for environmental conservation, we have adopted a major design concept of applying “energy-saving elements” and “re-usable materials” for our production this year. Over 70% of the float will be decorated with environmentally friendly materials and re-usable items, including LED pin lights, light tubes and reflective surfaces to illuminate the float, thereby reducing total electricity consumption by over 70% and lowering carbon dioxide emission as compared to using normal light bulbs. In addition, the peach trees and heart-shaped decorations around the platform will be made of fabric rather than wood, and used Christmas ornaments will also play an important part in the embellishment of the float.

On the night of the parade, a magnificent golden tiger, a romantic ice-skating couple from Ocean Park’s “Spellbound on Ice” show and our endearing mascots – Whiskers, Redd and Goldie in traditional Chinese costumes – will welcome you and your family to the wonderful Year of the Tiger! Also leading the float are a group of children on roller blades giving out Valentine’s Day candygrams, and God of Fortune and Money Kids showering you with Lai Sees as they pass by. So come celebrate a year of joy and laughter with the “Ocean Park Sweetheart CNY Holidays”!

From 13 to 28 February 2010, Ocean Park will set the scene with endearing activities from our Ocean Park Sweetheart CNY Holidays to give you a uniquely romantic and festive New Year. The Double Happiness Garden at the Waterfront makes the perfect spot to express your affections. Take a stroll along the 99 peach trees and make a wish for your loved ones digitally on the big screen. Lovers can bask in the romantic ambiance of The House of Loving Kindness at the Ha Ha Factory, which includes four major zones, each celebrating one of four prominent love themes – romance, friendship, family and love for our planet. A stunning performance awaits at Tai Shue Wan Plaza, with more than 30 renowned ice skating masters presenting the magical Spellbound on Ice. For those looking for an exhilarating experience, they should challenge the Turbo Snow Tubing which offers five 23-metre long lanes of single tubes and a U-shaped snow slope for real thrill-seekers.

“Emperors of the Sky” at the Bird Theatre is the latest attraction that showcases precious birds of prey from around the world, joining hands with the Park’s animal ambassadors to convey important conservation messages through entertaining, informative and interesting demonstrations. The Ocean Park Sweetheart CNY Holidays brings nearly 100 captivating experiences, with over 50 celebratory attractions, 68 festive gourmet delicacies and 88 Lunar New Year gifts and souvenir items, to celebrate the year of the Tiger with endless surprises for visiting guests.