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Schools Adopt Ocean Park Redd’s Nature Play Party YouTube Channel for Children to Learn at Home during Class Suspension


More new animal ambassadors and educational videos to be unveiled

Ocean Park Redd’s Nature Play Party educational channel on YouTube has been highly popular with schools, parents and children, achieving cumulative channel views of more than six million since its launch in February. To build on this success, Ocean Park will be introducing new fun-filled, interactive content that encourages discovery through the five senses while featuring more animal ambassadors, which allows kindergarten and lower primary school students to continue learning at home during the suspension of school classes.
Apart from parents and children, Redd’s Nature Play Party YouTube channel has been widely used by school teachers. The channel link is featured by numerous schools on their school e-learning platforms. With content that ties to relevant school topics, these educational videos support online teaching and extend learning for students.
“Ocean Park’s YouTube channel helps cultivate students’ development in the areas of knowledge acquisition, skills enhancement and attitude. Students can acquire animal-related knowledge, develop creativity and realise their imagination through the Art and Crafts Workshops. During the learning process, students can also build emotional connection with animals, foster a positive attitude and strengthen their awareness towards nature,” commented Kwan Po Wah, Curriculum Development Mistress of Aberdeen St. Peter's Catholic Primary School. “At the same time, parents can learn and grow with their children through the Art and Crafts Workshops and experiments. This will in turn contribute to positive parent-child relationships.”
“School teachers prepare relevant e-learning materials based on different topics,” said Yip Chun Yin, Principal of Sau Mau Ping Catholic Primary School. “The variety of entertaining content in the videos can arouse students’ interest in learning. We hope to continue to make use of the channel for interdisciplinary teaching, including language and music subjects, after school resumes so that students will enjoy an all-round learning experience.”
Further to the fun educational videos featuring capybaras, green turtles and penguins that are well liked by both parents and children, Redd’s Nature Play Party YouTube Channel will continue to broadcast educational content every week. Redd will lead the team to visit different corners of Ocean Park and share fun facts about various animal ambassadors. These include birds such as macaws, Turkey vultures, Eurasian eagle-owls and red-whiskered bulbuls; fish at The Grand Aquarium; as well as meerkats and Aldabra giant tortoises who will soon be meeting visitors at the Park.
Ocean Park Redd’s Nature Play Party YouTube Channel comprises three series of educational content:
  1. Play With Nature stimulates curiosity and encourages children to make full use of their five senses to explore the mysteries of nature;
  2. Move & Dance is led by Ocean Park mascots Whiskers & Friends who demonstrate gymnastics and dance movements, keeping everyone healthy;
  3. Art and Crafts Workshops encourage children to unleash their creativity and learn about animals by making animal-themed arts and crafts with recycled materials.
By providing entertaining and educational content, Ocean Park hopes to offer a platform for young children to enjoy a diversified learning experience without location constraints during school class suspension, and maintain their fitness and well-being through workshops and exercise. At the same time, Ocean Park encourages parents to learn with their children, and foster parent-child interactions and relationships.
Ocean Park Redd’s Nature Play Party YouTube Channel features new videos regularly on a weekly basis. Visit the channel at http://bit.ly/37yKEZW now!