Water World
Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong

A Year-Round, All-Weather Secret World

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Welcome, Adventurers, to a secret world of water!

Welcome, Adventurers, to a secret world of water!

Just minutes from Hong Kong’s urban center, Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong transports you into a year-round, all-weather seaside water park, hidden in a natural wonderland.  ​
We look forward to hosting you in our secret world of water. Join us as we all splash into adventure!


Your journey into our secret world of fun and adventure begins at Splendid Reef, an expansive area right on the shore of the sea. Take a walk along the seafront and enjoy the ocean air or dive right into all the thrills and excitement of Water World!


    Come feel the rush of this exciting area of twists and turns at Torrential River. Get turned around on the thrilling Cyclone Spin and Tropical Twist. Grab a mat and compete on Rainbow Rush.


      Adventurers follow the murmur of distant screams of joy and excitement to Hidden Village. Let our Guides teach you the art of surfing. Splash about Horizon Cove, or let the kids explore the joys of Whiskers’ Splash.​


        Adventure Coast is a tropical paradise where you’ll enjoy the sun and catch some surf in Big Wave Bay. Up the action with run down Riptide river, or just take a break from all the fun with a rest in a cabana and a bite from Big Wave Snacks.​​

          THRILL VALLEY​

          Set high atop the mountain overlooking the valley and sea below, this thrilling land attracts our most daring adventurers. Test your will with freefalls from Bravery Cliffs and Daredevil Drop, spectacular twists along Thunder Loop and side-winding splashes down Skyhigh Falls.​

            Ready, Set, Play! Water World Ocean Park is ready for you all!​

            Tap to watch the above video
            Tap to watch the above video