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Ocean Park Unveils New Crocodile Habitat and Invites the Public to an “Eggciting” Adventure at Animal Discovery Fest


Ocean Park proudly introduces its newest animal ambassador, Passion, who has found her home in the brand-new habitat of Ocean Park Croco Land Presented by China Construction Bank (Asia). Besides, the Park invites visitors to indulge in an "Eggcellent" experience this Easter at the Animal Discovery Fest running from 16 March to 19 May 2024, which features an “eggs-traordinary” Easter egg hunt and a series of animal-themed activities. 
Meet the newest animal ambassador at Ocean Park for free
Found in Lin Fa Tei, Pat Heung last year, this exotic crocodile was transferred from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) to Ocean Park on 30 April 2023. Since then, the Park’s dedicated team of veterinarians and animal caretakers has provided her with exceptional care and attention.
The Croco Land inauguration ceremony, graced by Lai Kin Ming, Mickey, Deputy Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation of the HKSAR Government; Chu Shui Man, Joanne, Acting Commissioner for Tourism of the HKSAR Government; Annie Chen, Deputy Chief Executive of China Construction Bank (Asia); Paulo Pong, Chairman of Ocean Park Corporation; Ivan Wong, Chief Executive of Ocean Park Corporation; and Ysanne Chan, Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer of Ocean Park Corporation, marked the official unveiling of this new attraction today. Croco Land will make its public debut on 16 March 2024. 
"Ocean Park is delighted to introduce our newest animal ambassador, who will take up residence in Croco Land, the Park's latest attraction. We thank the AFCD for entrusting Ocean Park with this crocodile. The addition exemplifies Ocean Park's unwavering commitment to safeguarding Hong Kong's precious ecosystem," said Paulo Pong, Chairman of Ocean Park Corporation. "The swift rescue and comprehensive care provided to this crocodile demonstrate our unique role and expertise in handling exotic species. Over the past 11 months, our team has undertaken extensive efforts to provide a comfortable environment for the crocodile. Situated at the prominent main entrance of Ocean Park, Croco Land beckons visitors with open gates, highlighting our dedication to raising conservation awareness among the public."
“The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department has donated this crocodile to Ocean Park for conservation and educational purposes, aiming to promote biodiversity and animal conservation messages to the public and visitors. It also serves as a reminder to the public not to engage in smuggling or illegal possession of endangered species.” said Lai Kin Ming, Mickey, Deputy Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation of the HKSAR Government.
“CCB(Asia) has always supported environmental protection and nature conservation as part of our corporate citizenship. We are pleased to partner with Ocean Park to provide a permanent, safe, and comfortable home for 'Passion', the female crocodile found in Pat Heung last year. Croco Land will play a key role in raising public awareness about conservation and the importance of protecting Hong Kong's ecosystems,” said Annie Chen, Deputy Chief Executive of China Construction Bank (Asia). “CCB(Asia) aims to incorporate ecological conservation into tourism through this sponsorship, enhancing the travel experience for Mainland and overseas visitors. To promote inbound tourism, CCB(Asia) and CCB Credit Card or Debit Card holders from Hong Kong and Mainland China will enjoy discount offers for Ocean Park tickets.”
Estimated to be four to five years old, this awe-inspiring exotic crocodile is growing gradually, measuring 1.97m in length and weighing 38.5kg now. DNA test result confirmed that Passion is a hybrid Siamese-Cuban crocodile.
Her name, Passion, was chosen by the public through online voting, outshining 11,000 submissions proposed at Ocean Park's New Member Naming Challenge. The Cantonese name echoes the pronunciation of Pat Heung, the place where she was spotted in Hong Kong. It also bears resemblance to the Cantonese term for passion fruit. This connection emphasises the energetic nature of the crocodile, captured by the word "Passion". Furthermore, “Passion” represents the Park’s dedication to ecological conservation. It also serves as a shortened form of “passion fruit”.
Embark on an Easter journey and discover secrets of birth in the animal world
Apart from the new permanent home for the crocodile, Ocean Park is thrilled to announce the return of Animal Discovery Fest this year, one of the Park's highly anticipated signature events for all visitors to deepen their understanding of animals and nature and foster a sense of conservation.
To start with, visitors are invited to complete challenges in Get Set, Know! Missions for "Newbies" Whiskers Villagers to join other Whiskers Villagers to protect animals and nature. A unique Easter egg hunt titled Egg-cellent Animal Quest across various animal habitats at the Park will help participants uncover the secrets hidden within the shapes and incubation environments of animal eggs as they collect eight animal egg stamps along the way to unravel the mysteries of their origins.
Next, visitors can join the interactive programme Whiskers Village Ocean Guardians to learn about low carbon diet, delve into a world of captivating animal trivia with Let's Talk About Animals, and unleash their creativity through the DIY Animal Crafts workshops.
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Plus, Ocean Park Annual Members can enjoy up-close encounter with the Park’s popular animal ambassadors, such as the giant pandas, meerkats and dolphins, at the exclusive time-limited Let's Meet the Animals programme. Available for free, participants will learn about animal fun facts and take photos with the animal ambassadors to capture the precious moment!
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China Construction Bank (Asia), the Sponsor of Ocean Park Croco Land