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A Floral Journey with Giant Pandas: Ocean Park Presents “The Angel of the Forest” at the Hong Kong Flower Show


Ocean Park has created a vibrant garden art installation titled “The Angel of the Forest” for the Hong Kong Flower Show 2024, showcasing the beauty of harmonious coexistence and the interconnected wonders of diversity in nature.
During this delightful occasion, the Park's beloved mascot, Bao Bao, along with various giant panda-themed decorations, will take centre stage and warmly welcome visitors to embrace the beauty of nature.
“Over the years, giant pandas have consistently held a special place as Ocean Park's beloved animal ambassadors, enchanting the hearts of both local and overseas visitors. This year, by showcasing the delightful giant panda topiaries and displays at the Hong Kong Flower Show, we aim not only to add vibrancy to the garden but also to further our mission of educating visitors on the importance of animal and environmental conservation,” said Johnny So, Senior Head of Operations and Engineering of Ocean Park Corporation.
In support of local planting, Ocean Park incorporates native plants from Hong Kong to craft the stunning floral display, beautifully adorned with Angelonia (also known as Angel Flower), the theme flower of the Flower Show. Angelonia is celebrated for its vibrant and colourful blossoms, creating a romantic and aesthetic ambiance to the scene. The plot is flanked by two topiaries in the shape of adorable giant pandas, also surrounded by giant panda displays with different cute postures, highlighting the spirit in which animals and vegetation thrive harmoniously.
The display also makes prominent use of long bamboos to bring out the beauty of contrast and the splendour of flowers in bloom, while hanging various plant pots on bamboo branches to showcase the diversity of plant species.  With symbolic representation of strong vitality, the bamboo also infuses the garden with an energetic vibe, enhancing the overall charm.
Ocean Park's “The Angel of the Forest” at the Hong Kong Flower Show 2024 is on display from 15 to 24 March at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. Come join us to lead a green life and protect our cherished nature!